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Brinmar Bottom-Vented Condensing Unit Covers


  • Protect against snow,ice,UV fading,mildew, leaves, dirt and debris

  • Reduces maintenance costs and improves energy efficiency

  • Prolongs the life of condensing unit and reduces cabinet fading

  • Premium 18oz industrial vinyl fabric with a reinforced cloth backing, gray or beige color to match cabinet

  • Over 12,000 air conditioner models available for an exact fit

  • Precision opening to fit electrical and refrigeration lines. Hook and loop strap secures cover

  • Material is specially treated against mildew, fungus, UV and sub-zero tempertures

  • Lifetime warranty

  • Energy Star recommends that you should cover your a/c condensing unit in the winter

Vented Covers

Bottom-Vented Covers

Bottom vented covers are by far our most popular style. They are 1/2" to 2" short to provide airflow from the bottom of the unit and the refrigeration opening. This design allows a minimum of 36 inches of cross-ventilation to prevent condensation buildup.

Every cover is the exact shape of your air conditioner with precision openings for the connections.

Vented Covers

Custom Printed Covers

If you're an air conditioner contractor, custom printed covers are a cost effective marketing tool that promotes your company to the homeowner and neighbors. A great source of new leads, referrals and callbacks. Our custom printed covers are economical and they project the quality image that your business requires. Have your wholesaler contact us for prices.

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