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Sound Blankets


All air conditioners, to some degree, are designed to minimize the sound they make. However, many home owners find the noise levels objectionable and greater than anticipated, after the installation is complete. While manufacturers do guarantee the sound levels of their equipment they can't guarantee the perceived noise level from patios, windows and bedrooms. Our Sound Blanket models are available for both residential and commercial applications.

Sound Blankets
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Noise Reduction

Brinmar Sound Blankets are a popular solution for reducing compressor noise from air conditioners or heat pumps. They are guaranteed to reduce noise levels to meet or exceed local noise laws and are compatible with all residential compressors. Brinmar Sound Blankets reduce compressor noise by 5 dB or more -- a substantial 40% + reduction.

How It Works

The sound blanket fits inside the cabinet and wraps around the compressor -- the noisiest component of an air conditioner or heat pump. Brinmar's two-piece design accommodates hundreds of different styles and shapes of compressors. The sound blanket is securely attached with hook and loop closures, which are durable and make installation quick and efficient. The inside of the Sound Blanket contains acoustical glass insulation to absorb the noise and a heavy rubber barrier to contain the noise.


The use of a sound blanket will not adversely affect the compressor's performance. In fact, sound blankets are a conventional form of noise reduction for air conditioners and heat pumps and most manufacturers use them frequently to reduce noise levels. The Brinmar sound blanket is a cost-effective solution to noise as compared to relocating/replacing the noisy air conditioner or building a wall/sound barrier.

If an air conditioner or heat pump is causing a problem for you or your neighbor, there are three solutions: move the unit, replace the unit or reduce the sound. Brinmar Sound Blankets are the simplest solution. They lower your equipment's sound levels without having to move or replace the equipment. Brinmar Sound Blankets are by far the easier and more cost effective solution to reducing air conditioner noise.

Benefits Of Brinmar's Sound Blankets