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Industrial Sewing Division

State of the art production facilities

Brinmar is a modern sewing company with state of the art production facilities. We are a leader in heavy duty industrial covers and noise reduction solutions. Brinmar has been designing and manufacturing sewn products since 1975. Our specialty is non-apparel production volume sewing of medium to heavy weight fabrics.

Industrial Sewing Division

Sewing Materials

Our products are heavy duty and many are used in harsh environments where durability, temperature, and weather extremes are a factor. The industrial materials we utilize include automotive vinyl, hi-tech laminates, clear PVC, nylon, polyester and acoustical materials.


Brinmar's Clients

Our clients are Fortune 100 companies and companies in small niche markets where price, quality and timely delivery are important criteria. We are best known throughout the industry for our cost-effective designs, JIT production, high quality, distribution, and use of quality materials and components.

Our modern 15,000 square foot manufacturing facility is located in Toronto. Our location provides for low cost manufacturing and easy access to both Canadian and US markets.