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Sound Blankets FAQs

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My neighbor's air conditioner makes too much noise. What are my legal rights?
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Many municipalities have noise laws to protect you from excessive noise. Usually your public works department enforces these laws. They will visit your house and use a sound meter to measure the noise levels from the locations of your complaint - usually your back patio or bedroom. They will then advise the neighbor of the complaint and will offer solutions to help solve the problem. Different municipalities will have varying levels of acceptable noise. If you live close to traffic, airports or industry, then the permissible noise levels may be higher.

The remedies include; moving the air conditioner to a different location, replacing the air conditioner with a quieter one, installing noise reduction devices like ours, or to build a wall or barrier to reduce the noise transmission. The neighbor will be given an appropriate amount of time to resolve the problem before any penalties are imposed.

Will a Sound Blanket overheat my compressor or air conditioner?
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Usually when you put an insulation blanket around a motor it will overheat and cause damage to the motor. However, the compressor motor in your air conditioner is internally cooled by a refrigerant so it will never overheat when insulated. Our lab tests show that the internal temperature of the compressor only increases by 2%, which is negligible.

Sound blankets are a conventional form of air conditioner noise reduction, and many air conditioner manufacturers install sound blankets as the first step in solving noise problems. Sound blankets will not affect your compressor's life expectancy or performance. In fact, they have a beneficial effect in that theyinsulate the compressor and maintain a more consistent crankcase temperature. This provides for easier starting and prolongs the life of the bearings. The sound blanket also stops condensate from forming on the compressor on hot humid days.

Will a sound blanket void my compressor/air conditioner warranty?
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Sound blankets go on the inside of the air conditioner or heat pump, around the compressor. They do not affect airflow or the performance of your equipment in any negligible way. Many new air conditioners and heat pumps have a sound blanket pre-installed at the factory.

How can my air conditioner operate with a sound blanket installed?
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Sound blankets go on the inside of the air conditioner or heat pump, around the compressor. They do not affect airflow or the performance of your equipment in any negligible way.

Are there other ways to reduce the noise in my air conditioner?
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A sound blanket is the simplest way to reduce air conditioner noise, since the loudest component of the air conditioner is the compressor. You could also move the air conditioner to a different location of you could build a wall or barrier around it.Here are some additional noise reduction techniques.

How much is a 5 dB reduction?
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The dB scale is exponential, so in technical terms you should expect a 65% reduction in noise. However, in layman terms you should expect a 30% to 50% reduction in the perceived noise. This won't turn your air conditioner into a purring kitten, but it will take the edge of most of the noise, especially during startup of the compressor. A sound blanket is a cost-effective solution compared to moving or replacing your air conditioner.

What is the guarantee on the Brinmar Sound Blanket?
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We guarantee that you will be satisfied with your Brinmar Sound Blanket. If not return it to use for a full refund.

Will a Brinmar Sound Blanket eliminate my noise problem?
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Our Sound Blankets will not completely eliminate all of the noise from your air conditioner. They are designed as a cost-effective solution as compared to moving or replacing your air conditioner. In general terms you should expect the noise level to drop by 30% to 50%. In many situation our products are used to make noisy air conditioners comply with local noise laws. Sound blankets are typically the first step air conditioner manufacturers take in reducing noise. Sound blankets only decrease the noise of the compressor, which is the noisiest part of your air conditioner. Other noise sources are the fan motor, wind noise from the fan blades and perhaps some vibration noise from the cabinet. For more information on how to reduce air conditioner noise click here