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Division FAQs

Got questions regarding our sewing?
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Why buy from a Canadian Manufacturer?
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As a Canadian manufacturer we enjoy a strong competitive advantage making us less expensive as compared to products made within the USA. Since the value of the Canadian dollar is lower than the US dollar, American's purchasing power is much greater. There are no taxes when you buy from a Canadian company.

Brinmar pricing is always in US funds and we include all the customs duty and brokerage fees in to our prices. The importing process is transparent to our US clients since we handle all of the customs procedures. There are no hidden importing costs and there is no extra paperwork burden of you to get involved with.

We are located in Toronto - a major transportation hub. Our close proximity to the American border,' help keep our freight costs to a minimum yet still offer speedy delivery. We ship daily to the USA.

Are you an inventor with a sewn product you'd like to market?
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Brinmar deals primarily with businesses that have existing sewn products that they market. However, if you're a private individual and have an idea for a new sewn product, but don't know how to design it and need help with material selections, then we can assist you. We can take your product from the initial design stage to a final packaged product. We specialize in working with your ideas and our Design Department can produce sample runs up to 10 pieces.

When you're happy with your product, it's sent to our production department for orders of 50+ pieces. At this point you can take advantage of lower production costs, yet maintain the quality you expect from us. When your order volumes get large enough, we'll have your product made in Asia by one of our strategic partners. To get started, please review our page How to Obtain a Quotation.

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When obtaining a quotation from us, we do not necessarily need to know what your final product is. We understand that you may have a unique idea and are reluctant to divulge any information yet. We regularly sign confidentiality agreements to help you protect your ideas and intellectual property.