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Air Conditioner Covers

Every cover is the exact shape of your air conditioner
with precision openings for the connections.

Air conditioning manufacturers make rugged, high quality products that are designed to withstand the elements; snow, wind, rain, sun, and extreme heat/cold. However, an air conditioner's filters, coils and fins require regular maintenance for the unit to operate effectively and efficiently throughout its years of service. Air conditioner covers are an integral part of regular maintenance. They are the best way to keep the coil clean during the off season. Homeowners will benefit by using Brinmar covers in several ways.

Bottom Vented Covers

Bottom-Vented Covers

Bottom vented air conditioner covers are by far our most popular style. Covers are ½" to 2 inches short to provide airflow from the bottom of the unit and the refrigeration opening. This design allows a minimum of 36 square inches of cross-ventilation, to prevent any condensation build up.


Brinmar Premium Vented Covers

Our premium cross- ventilated cover integrates principals of physics to increase the amount of air transfer through cross ventilation and airflow dynamics. The advanced engineered design reduces air friction and funnels air inside the cover creating optimal ventilation.

Premium Vented Covers A/C covers