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  • Sound Blanket

    & Compressors

    Sound Blankets are installed over the compressor in the outdoor condensing unit.

  • Winter Cover Family

    Our covers are the exact shape of your air conditioner with precision openings for the connections.

  • Premium Vented Covers

    For optimal ventilation

    Brinmar Premium Vented Covers have two plastic air vents that provide maximum cross ventilation


    Our covers were designed by a professional HVAC engineer and they provide sufficient air flow to prevent condensation. With millions of covers sold we have never had a complaint.


    Our window unit covers stop cold winter drafts saving you energy and money.

  • Shoe covers

    Improve your service image and get more business.

  • Sound blanket

    Noise reduction blanket with optional retail packaging.

Brinmar Sound Blankets

Sound Blankets

Brinmar Sound Blankets are a popular solution for reducing compressor noise, from air conditioners or heat pumps. They are guaranteed to reduce noise levels to meet or exceed local noise laws and are compatible with all residential compressors. Brinmar Sound Blankets reduce compressor noise by 5 dB or more -- a substantial 40% + reduction.

The sound blanket fits inside the cabinet and wraps around the compressor -- the noisiest component of an air conditioner or heat pump. Brinmar's universal design accommodates hundreds of different styles and shapes of compressors.

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Shoe Covers

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Shoe Covers
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Brinmar Shoe Covers

Shoe Covers For Service Technicians

Brinmar Shoe Covers help protect both floors and carpets. They are made of spunbonded polyprene- a lightweight,breathable fabric that's comfortable to wear.This splash-proof fabric is durable and designed for extended use.

Our shoe covers are disposable, but they can be worn many times without deteriorating. Brinmar Shoe Covers also have a unique rubber tread on the sole to provide more slip resistance as compared to some other brands. Shoe covers fit all sizes of shoe up to size 15.

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Brinmar Custom Sewing Division

Industrial Sewing Division

Our industrial sewing division designs and manufactures the highest quality protective covers available anywhere. Brinmar is an industry leader in heavy duty protective covers and noise reduction solutions.

We serve a diverse group of markets that include air conditioning, automotive, food services, home outdoor, instrumentation, material handling, medical, music, sports, and transportation.

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